Ybera Discovery Home Care 8.4 oz


Bath for Protecting and Restoring Hair Structure

This product maintains the perfect smooth effect on hair, restores cell structure and creates a lipid barrier of protection.

Ybera Vello Home Care 8.4 oz


It is a biomimetic hair fertilization therapy for men and women with capillary atrophy based on colostrum that stimulates hair growth, combats hair loss and restores vitality.

Ybera Renew Oil Homecare 8.4 oz


Renew Olive products recovers hair in a continuous and natural way. Its powerful hydrating and anti-oxidants agents nourish, purify, give elasticity and provide shine.

Ybera Fashion Stylist Cream 5 oz


Fashion Stylist contains Kerafive22 a molecule developed by Ybera Paris that alias the hair preserving the 22 Amino acids that make up the hair fiber. In addition to promoting intense hydration and total repair of the strand. Its formula is rich in Coconut Oil, Omega 3-6-9 and Quinoa Protein.

Ybera Vello Vital Serum 3 oz

Vital Serum, can reverse the process of hair loss when applied locally. It is expected at least 2 months of application of the vital serum applying 2 times a day to notice the expected growth of the hair.

Ybera Genoma Home Care 8.4 oz



Treatment Complex home use with Pro-Geno (Spirulina Verorexim and Alfa-Keratin)

Ybera Leave-In Universal 8.8 oz


Versatile Solution for All Hair Types

The Leave-in Universal is an intensive protection cream with sunscreen that shields color pigments of hairs. In addition, it provides prolonged hydration and super shine. Activating curls, heat protectant, anti-frizz, smooth effect, sealed ends and an anti-humidity film.

Ybera Capillary Botulinum Home Care 8.4 oz


Capillary Botulinum eliminates volume, frizz and rough ends, delays aging and restores the beauty and youth of your hair. CAPILLARY BOTULINUM HOME CARE MAIN ASSETS Plant Botulinum Toxin: it is a lipo-amino acid that is used to replenish capillary mass. Lunamatrix TM System: combats hair fiber damage caused by physical procedure and chemical products. Grape […]

Coco Verde Home Care 10.6 oz


Coco Verde It is a moisturizing and nourishing vegan line based on coconut which is ideal for extremely dry and worn hair.

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Ybera Fashion UP Mask 7 oz


Its exclusive formula rich in oil of grape seed and MurumurĆŗ butter makes it the ideal maintenance for extremely dry hairs.

Ybera Vello Full Set Home Care 8.4 oz

1 Vital Cleaning 8,4 fl.oz
1 Nutrix Conditioner 8,8 fl.oz
1 Vital Serum 3fl.oz

Ybera Myrrh Oil 3 oz

$65.00 $58.50

Millennial Oil for Dreamy Hair

The myrrh is one of the oldest ingredients used in beauty care for women. Its features and benefits for hair and skin are infinite. The Myrrh oil has an exclusive formula Pro-Repair which significantly transforms the strand and delivers an intense recovery for dry hairs.

Ybera Detox Healthy Home Care 8.4 oz


Natural, Refreshing and Invigorating

It is composed by activated carbon, rosemary, lemon, refreshing mint, D-Panthenol. Soft Care products activate blood circulation in the scalp. This product possesses toning and astringent properties that prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It also provides resistance, manageability and renews damaged hair. Ideal also for clients with oily scalp.

Ybera Thermal Cap


Ybera Thermal Cap

Improves the results of your favorite deep conditioner, hair mask, oil, or other hair treatment as Renew Oil Conditioner or Mask.

Coco Verde Mask 7 Oz


Coco Verde It is a moisturizing and nourishing vegan line based on coconut which is ideal for extremely dry and worn hair.

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Black Diva Home Care 17 oz


Home maintenance line free of mineral silicones with Baoba Oil plus Shea Butter.
Includes Light Poo Shampoo without sulfates or petrolates + Power Mask Mega reconstruction for hair previously straightened with Black Diva or dry hair.

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