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Hidratación Capilar Auto-Renovable

Tratamiento de uso en casa. Restaura la estructura de la hebra, equilibra el pH, protege contra la oxidación del color, brinda suavidad y brillo a la fibra. Proporciona protección diaria contra la deshidratación del cabello. Su fórmula tiene tecnología, una molécula que preserva el agua en la proteína capilar proporcionando resistencia y protección eterna contra temperaturas extremas.


Auto-Renewable Hair Hydration

Home use treatment. Restores the structure of the strand, balances the pH, protects against color oxidation, providing softness and shine to the fiber. Provides daily protection against hair dehydration. Its formula has technology, a molecule that preserves water in the hair protein providing resistance and eternal protection against extreme temperatures.


• Self-Renewing Hydration
• Protection against external aggression
• Anti-pollution
• Anti aging
• Odor suppression
• Anti humidity
• Heavy metal
• Itching reduction
• Extreme brightness
• Reveza and softness


1. Wash the hair with Trehalosa protective cleaning 2 times. Repeat the process if necessary and rinse with warm water. Remove excess moisture in the hair with a towel.
2. Apply Trehalosa daily protection conditioner section by section and leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse hair with warm water and remove excess moisture with a towel.
3. Apply the Trehalose Heat Protectant Membrane spray to the entire hair, without touching the scalp and finish as desired (drying and ironing).


1 Trehalosa protective cleaning 8,4 fl.oz
1 Trehalosa daily protection conditioner 8,8 fl.oz


About 15 applications


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