Kit Ybera Genoma 17 oz

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Professional UseReconstruction

Cortex Transfusion Therapy 

When hair is virgin it has all its natural chemical composition. With the wear and tear of time and accentuated by the use chemicals hair loses its properties.

GENOMA offers a treatment that surpasses all existing in the cosmetics market and exceeds the limits of a perfect result. Ybera managed to extract from nature the same chemical characteristics that make the hair and cloned it.

The hair is composed primarily of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur, together form a protein called alpha-keratin, which represents 85% of the composition of hair. Ybera managed to clone the DNA composition of a healthy strand and transfer it to completely repair a damaged hair.

GENOMA is compatible with all hair types, especially those who are critically abused, elastic, brittle and overly processed. GENOME is a treatment that works without heat and its application is fast and comfortable.


1 Ybera Genoma Ortho Reconstructor Shampoo  17,6 fl.oz.

1 Ybera Genoma Ortho Reconstructor Liquid Strand 17,6 fl.oz

1 Ybera Genoma Intensive Ortho Reconstructor Mask  17,6 fl.oz

1 Ybera Genoma Ortho Reconstructive Sealer for Cuticles and Tips 17,6 fl.oz


About 15 applications


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