Kit Ybera Life’s Flower Pro 17 oz

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Auto-Renewable Hair Hydration

Life’s Flower is a Self-Renewable Hair Hydration treatment, an innovative line from Ybera Paris that provides hydration with TRH-BIOTEC osmo-regulating technology, whose function is to introduce the Trehalose molecule into the capillary cortex that replaces the water layer around the macromolecules, avoiding damage by dehydration, capable of maintaining the internal environment of the strand in a constant hydration balance, regardless of the aggressive changes that occur in the external environment such as high or low temperatures and chemicals in general.

What is Trehalose?

It is a molecule present in the Jericho Flower (selaginella lepidophylla) known as “Resurrection Flower” with the ability to preserve living cells in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, osmotic shock, toxic effects and dehydration.

How does the molecule work in Jericho flower?

The molecule is present in the dehydrated flower, once watered it comes back to life. Similarly, it works on the hair.


• Self-Renewing Hydration
• Protection against external aggression
• Anti-pollution
• Anti aging
• Odor suppression
• Anti humidity
• Heavy metal
• Itching reduction
• Extreme brightness
• Reveza and softness


1 Protective Trehalose Cleaning 17 fl.oz.
1 Trehalose Life’s Flower Mask 17.6 fl.oz
1 Trehalose Heat Protectant Membrane 8.4 fl.oz.


About 15 applications


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